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The Principal, Raghunath Mukherjee welcomed the parents invited to witness the Investiture Ceremony which was felicitously coalesced as a symbolic entreaty to the budding incumbents to take up their office with great élan and respect. Their spectacular March Past to the rhythm of drum beats, also to take the oath of allegiance, was an honourable embellishment to the ceremony. Anish Agrawal and Shambhavi Upadhyay were voted unanimously as the Head Boy and Head Girl respectively, pledged to execute their duties and motivate their schoolmates on every occasion. Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl, Rajit Khandelwal and Siddhi Agrawal also followed suit, in fact all the 32 office bearers took turns in pledging their whole-hearted competitiveness to escalate their houses and school to glorious standards. The students who have been nominated to their respective posts are Anshi Pandey, Harsheen K. Sahani, Naman Kotak, Vidhi Kukreja, Tanishq Sharma, Keya Pattavi, Riddhi Agrawal, Chirag Jeswani, Qudsiya Noori, R. Siddhant, Dipanshi Agrawal, Aryan Sinha, Vanshika Sharma, Manmohan Balaji, Debanjali Sarkar. In the junior wing, Indraneel Awasthi has been honored with the protocol of Head Boy and Parul Bhamra as Head Girl. Their effusiveness was hailed by the Principal who further venerated them with badges and sashes, all the time advising them to be an example to others. With his sagacious words, he reminded the children of the sheer dint of hard work and responsibilities they ought to shoulder and beacon everyone with.


" Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. "

- Nelson Mandela