DPS Raipur
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Parent/Student Speak

Parent-Teacher Interaction

DPS-Raipur encourages and advocates a good rapport between Teachers and Parents. The Principal meets the Parents regularly on specified days/time. PTA meetings for all sections-Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary are held three times a year whilst Parents are permitted to meet teachers regularly by prior appointment. A Parent Sub-Committee body is also formed which comprises of a parent representative from each class. This committee of parents meets regularly to discuss and convey parent’s problems as well as render their services to the school.

The Parent Community
Building strong partnerships with parents

The school regards parents as co-educators and actively seeks to involve them in the school community. Communication between the school and home is the key to a good relationship, and recognizes that education is a partnership between home and school. The school provides a variety of avenues for communication and interaction between school and home. These include:

  • Parent-teacher consultations and meetings.
  • Monthly Evaluation Reports
  • Regular circulars, newsletters and written reports.
  • Student Diary and Planner used to communicate between teachers, students and parents on a regular basis.
  • Parent forum , seminars & Orientation Programme.
  • Parent visits to the school to meet with the Principal or teachers to discuss concerns about their child’s individual progress.