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Destination is no doubt beautiful, but it is the journey that keeps enriching our experience. The voyage becomes even more rewarding because we keep on meeting people and at the end we discover that whatever we have achieved is a result of team work. As we proceed towards the goal, we cross the threshold of darkness and enter the world of enlightenment.

D.P.S. Raipur is no exception in this case. If we could accomplish our mission today, it is because each one of us has left the boundary of ‘self’ and worked as a part of a happy family. We strongly believe that it is education which helps one to discover the power hidden within and to merge it with the greater universal power so that life finds its meaning. Education empowers a human being. It not only shapes the future but also helps a person to delve deep within and bring out the best one has to offer to this world. Keeping this thought at the core of their heart D.P.S family has endeavoured to make the dreams of their children come true, to give them wings so that sky is the only limit for them.

In order to acknowledge this effort, national survey done by the Global World has added a feather to our cap in the form of “Best School Award in Chhattisgarh”. They have recognised that D.P.S. Raipur stands out in terms of everything, be it academics or co-curricular activities, sports or international affairs, infrastructure or contribution towards social cause. The management has always extended a helping hand. It is due to their encouragement and support that the school can function smoothly. All the requirements of the students, the staff and the parents have always been taken care of which has enabled everyone to maintain a positive spirit and happy environment where the soul finds solace.

The educators have worked less as teachers and more as facilitators so that children can have faith in them and they can help the budding minds to break the shell and reach new heights. They have passionately set the students on a journey where they will be empowered by wisdom. The supporting staff have also worked day in and day out to ensure the comfort of every individual. They have strived hard to ensure that each small requirement is fulfilled and the school can run in a hassle free way.

Achieving such heights is always a result of team work and the parents have worked hand in hand with the school. It is because of their tremendous support and good wishes that the school could reach such pinnacle.

We are thankful to every single person who has made it possible for us to be deserving enough to claim such prestige with pride. Achieving this milestone is certainly a wonderful experience but it is not the end, rather the beginning of a journey – the journey of learning that would enable D.P.S. Raipur to set new height of success.

Raghunath Mukherjee

" Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. "

– Kofi Annan