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Society Welfare Encouragement Association Revamp (SWEAR) has been initiated by the students for encouraging change and improvement within local communities and society at large. The school under the banner of the SWEAR, conducts activities to

sensitize the young learners to the needs of the under-privileged. In addition to its own activities, the Club encompasses the activities of the Interact, the school wing of the Rotary Club. The Club members truly live the school’s motto of ‘Service before Self’.
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Indi–crochet is a school enterprise towards women empowerment which has inspired a new purview among the rural women folk raising their hopes and aspirations. Since 2011, a range of vocational training is being given to galvanise the young girls and women to venture into the professional and business domain of the world.

In semblance with the project, partner school of U. K., Hounsdown Science College has also joined hands in donating sewing machines, carpet looms and beauty products for running the parlour. Exhibition cum sale of their handicrafts have been arranged every now and then in the school during PTM’s. This has emancipated dual objective, one of developing a holistic attitude among the students and second, of learning business skills the practical way.

" The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth "

― Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus